Are You Seeking a More Enjoyable, Connected, and Meaningful Life?

Whether you are seeking therapy as an individual or as a couple, chances are you probably feel a little lost right now. You’re struggling; your marriage may be faltering; you may be in the throes of grief, anxiety, or heartbreak. You may be wondering where exactly to get help, and if anyone can even help you.

Something in you may also be longing to grow, evolve, and live your life through these things in a way that means you become more embodied and connected. This is more than simply talking through your problems. This means learning to engage with life in a completely different way.

We’ve all been there before… waking up one day to realize we’ve been at this same spot many times before, and yet things have never really changed. Are you ready now? Will you heed the call, and embark on your own personal and sacred journey?

Does any of this sound familiar?


“I’m not sure if my partner and I are right for each other.”

“We keep having the same argument over and over again.”

“I began an emotional affair with one of my friends, and now I feel like I can’t tell my partner.”


“My father died last year and I feel like I’m lost… I’m a wreck all of the time and nobody around me seems to understand.”


“I started having panic attacks, and they’re getting worse.”

“I don’t know if I’m depressed… but I feel irritable most of the time. I don’t even want to be around people much.”

“I feel like I’m on auto-pilot most of the time; life at home with my family is stressful, and my career is a never-ending rollercoaster. I can’t find a happy medium.”


“My son is 16 and I feel like I’m losing him… I try to connect with him, but it feels impossible to get through.”

“My daughter told me recently that she feels suicidal, and I have no idea what to do.”

What if you could have:

A partner you feel deeply connected with.
A relationship that you feel excited to be in again.
The confidence that your past trauma and grief won’t control your life.
The tools to be able to effectively manage your anxiety.
A career and a home life that are fulfilling, and not overwhelming.
The deep knowing that you’re on the right path, and that your every day holds meaning and value for you.

I know you can.

That’s why I do this work. I invite you to talk with me for a free, half-hour consult. I offer this either in person or on the phone.

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my office is in east Boulder, near Valmont and 55th

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Inner Wilds, LLC (303) 587-2427 5757 Central Ave., Suite 65, Boulder, CO

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