I am a Boulder therapist who offers authentic and informed help for couples, adults and teens suffering from depression, anxiety and relationship issues.  I can help you feel connected, confident, and able to manage the challenges that come your way.

The search for the right therapist can be a daunting task. If you’ve landed on this page in your search, and are wondering if you can understand the gist of who I am and how I work, I hope to offer that to you on this site. I’ll start with this:

I fully believe in your innate ability to heal and be guided by your inner wisdom towards a life that is connected, satisfying, and meaningful. I also believe that during certain times in life we need help with finding this wisdom, and help in being able to trust what’s happening inside us. Learning to ask for this help is the first step in the process.

I’ll admit it: I hate asking for help. I hate feeling like there are no more doorways for me to open; all that’s left is a dead end, and the only way to find my way out is to ask someone for directions. It took me a long time to learn that life wasn’t meant to be lived alone; that getting help was the first step towards living more fully. It took me an even longer time to understand that opening myself up to this help was an act of courage. I believe this is true for you, too.

Maybe you’ve tried therapy before, and found it unhelpful. Maybe there’s a voice inside your head telling you that therapy is only for certain people, and you’re not one of them. I thought similar things before I took the step that changed my life. I would never have predicted how much I was able to gain from getting the help I needed. My clients tell me similar things about what they’ve gained from our work together.

When there are so many therapists to choose from on the Front Range area, finding the right Boulder therapist can feel daunting. And, it’s important that you find the right person to work with. Because of this, I invite you to talk with me for a free, half-hour consult. I offer this either in person or on the phone. I can’t tell you right now if I’m the right person for you, but I can tell you that I’m direct, honest, respectful of who you are and the path you’re on right now, and I love what I do.

Call (303) 587-2427 or email me to start on your path towards something better.

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.

- Joseph Campbell